Express yourself unapologetically.

Brand Story:
a culmination of art, science and design

I’m Amanda and I’ve had a deep passion for creating for as long as I can remember. Whether with a paintbrush, computer mouse or power tool – I’ve always loved to create!

One of my first memories of creative expression was a class I took in perspective drawing at the age of 10. Through subsequent courses, I began to see the world entirely differently once I learned the mathematical rules which govern perspective drawing and human proportions. To this day, my proud parents still display my ‘masterpieces’ in their home and office!

I’m not sure when I first learned about interior design, but after being exposed to it as a careers option, I felt that it was my calling to pursue it as a career path – though this took some time to be realized.

My education and career started centered in the sciences. In 2007 I completed a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and then in 2016, a Masters of Advanced Studies in Architecture – focusing on regenerative design. For a decade I also worked as a project manager, coordinating environmental assessment projects in the mining sector.

Though my day-to-day felt worlds away from the design sector, a pull to create was always there.  In 2017 I dipped my toes back into the design world and started taking on clients as my ‘side-hustle’. After gaining some momentum (and a lot of self-talk) l left my senior position with the Federal Government to build my brand full time.  Today I’m blissfully practicing project management and interior design, serving local residential clients and home builders in Alberta and across Canada via online interior design (e-Design).       

I’m a strong believer that there is no such thing as ‘wasted experiences’. Art, science, and design are all governed by similar principles. Whether you’re balancing the composition of a painting or a stoichiometric equation, the process of striking balance is essential to producing a successful outcome. Though different mediums and tools are used, there is a general order of operations. The end result must suit the functional needs of the user while also being pleasing to the senses.

My interior design practice is a culmination of my life experiences. It’s rooted in my passion for creative arts, my concern for the environment and my project management expertise; through my journey, I’ve learned that the most rewarding experiences are those which allow us to share our gifts in ways that improve the lives of others.

I hope my story inspiers others out there to make small step daily to live their truths! 

Amanda Lwanga
Founder and Creative Director

While working with Linger, you can expect to:

  • express yourself unapologetically
  • challenge the status-quo of generic, place-less design
  • celebrate the synergies between humans, built systems and the natural ecosystem
  • emerge with a inspiring space that makes you linger just a little longer

Let's Make Design History