Interior Design

Linger offers sustainable design solutions for a range of residential projects.  If you’re a homeowner who appreciates lowering your carbon footprint while living in style, read on. 

glass dining table with gold metal cross base

New Homes and infills

This is the ideal solution for homeowners who want support with the continuum of interior design interventions (space planning, layout, material selection, furnishings, lighting, and accessories) and want to move into a new home which has been carefully crafted for their specific taste and needs. Linger will assist you through the myriad of options and help you navigate project management aspects such as material sourcing, scheduling, budgeting, and sub-contractor management and execution. For infills, we establish a design language that honors the original character of the home and integrate visual and symbolic references to the historical narrative of this site.


If you’re looking to fix the aesthetics or the function of your existing space, Linger offers interior design and project management services to transform an existing space based on your desired scope of change. Whether it is just starting with a focal area, or giving your entire home a makeover.

leather accent chairs
saturated jewel-tones and playful pastels


Updating wall treatments, essential furnishings and lighting can work wonders, allowing you to enjoy your space better or make it more visually appealing so that you can make a sale on your property. Regardless of if it is your home or you are a Realtor acting on behalf of your client, we want to help you turn a profit – fast, efficiently and beautifully.

Designer on Call

Do you have 1,001 items, DIY projects and inspiration pictures in your Pinterest boards but are overwhelmed by too many options? You start sweating profusely when it comes to committing to a paint colour or piece of furniture because you don’t want to make the ‘wrong’ decision?

Whether your project needs are big or small, we can help you via our hourly design consultation service. Time segments are available in increments of 2, 4 and 6 hours, during which time, you can ask any design-related questions regarding floor plans, colour selections, furniture selections, and decor.

Through this service you’ll gain insight on how to tackle your project, get advice to save you time and money, receive guidance to avoid costly mistakes and, best of all, emerge with a stunning space.

Amanda Lwanga

Let's Make Design History